Monday, October 15, 2012

The great sleepover

Last Friday night, hubster said he was going to have a sleepover with the boys. It was held downstairs. Our bedrooms are upstairs. In my mind, I’m dancing and throwing my arms up in the air like I just don’t care. But calmly I say to hubster “oh okay, only if you really want to”. 

One thing you should know, we co-sleep with our 2 year old (boy3). We have co-slept with all of our kids. Some people hate it, some people love it. I happen to love it. Husbter doesn’t mind it either. And I’m not looking for a debate… so let’s not go there… mmm-k?

Back to the party in my head, I already had my body mapped out on the bed. I was going to stay up late and do whatever the heck I wanted. Most importantly, I was going to sleep in. 

Let's see how it went:

Body mapped out perfectly… check.

Stayed up late doing whatever the heck I wanted… check.

Sleeping in……..whoa, whoa… big uncheck!

At 7:15 I had the beautiful face of boy3 staring at me. What the….. that was definitely not part of the plan. 

So plans changed. I didn’t sleep in. I did manage to get boy3 to lay with me for a bit though and I adore that. I love his little face so much. I'll take that over sleeping in any day.

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  1. The bed to oneself is AMAZING. Glad you enjoyed it and I love the perspective in this post. SOO important to remember what truly matters.


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