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It's finally happened! Cara and I have finally got our blog of awesome up and running. Thanks for checking in and we hope you like what you see.

As Cara mentioned, we have been best buds since high school. There have been many laughs and fun adventures along the way. She makes this world a little bit brighter. My heart holds a special spot just for her. Oh and she's an attorney. Never know when you might need one, am I right?

While Cara was studying her butt off and living the college life, I worked and became a mom at a young age. Cara and I would go months and months without talking. This was before Facebook and texting. Our friendship was never really damaged from this. It's a true, meant to be forever friendship.

So who am I today? I'm a wife and a mom. I have 1 daughter and 3 sons. Life is crazy! I am always tired. My house is always messy. My hair is almost always in a ponytail. I have flip flop tan lines. My life belongs to the 4 little people in my life. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's so good. Being a parent is hard. Being a wife is hard. Being an adult is hard. I wouldn't change it for anything though.

Thank goodness for outlets. Like friends, wine, reading, baking, wine, crocheting, coffee, photography, wine. Those are my hobbies, my favorite past times, my outlets.

As Cara said, we really hope you like our blog and can find inspiration in our words. We don't exactly know where this blog thing will go but our goal is to find some sort of fulfillment within it. From our baking to our crafts to a review of a good (or bad) book to our parenting adventures, we'll share it with you.

Please take a moment to "follow" us. We promise not to suck.

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