Saturday, February 21, 2015

Monster Cookie Dough Dip

Today I made an awesome dip that I pinned a long time ago. I found it on The Girl Who Ate Everything's blog. I've made a few recipes of hers and they have always turned out great. Does anyone else have the problem of things not turning out as delicious as the blogger's pictures look? I made some chocolate & peanut butter brownie bars last week, and I followed the blogger's recipe exactly! Only problem... they turned out very, very strange. But anyway, TGWAE's recipes have always been spot on for me. Makes a girl like me happy.


This dip is no different. I followed her recipe exactly and ended up with a delicious, creamy cookie dough tasting dip. Bonus, there are no raw eggs so your chances of getting salmonella are low. Woohoo, am I right? 

You can serve this dip with graham crackers (we tried chocolate, YUM), Nilla Wafers, or for a sweet and salty treat try Ritz Crackers. Just eating it with a spoon works too. Or at least, that's what I've been told anyway. 

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