Monday, October 29, 2012

Girl poop vs boy poop

Boy1 is a curious George. He asks both funny and serious questions. Usually his serious questions come out funny.

Once he asked me "Mom, do girls fart?"

I replied "no" and he totally bought it. After a few seconds, his puzzled face said "that's not fair".

I was sure I told him I was teasing but this following convo makes me question that.

Boy1 and I went to a fast food restaurant. I'm on a diet and fast food fits right into that plan. We were there to have a quick lunch before heading to his school auction.

After we ate we made a pit stop to the restrooms. Boy1 went into the men's. I went into the ladies. When I came out he was waiting for me. Here's the convo that took place as we walked to the car:

Boy1(very casual): What did you do in there?
Me: Uh... went to the bathroom.
Boy1: Oh
Me (puzzled): What did you do?
Boy1: Nothing. I went in and came right back out.
A few seconds pass...
Boy1: It smelled like rotten poop in there.
Me: chuckles
Boy1: Girls are lucky their poop doesn't smell rotten.
Me: That's right, son. 

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