Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School fundraisers and handmade crocheted goods

Get ready to be jealous… very, very jealous! 

Boy1 goes to a choice school in our area. It’s an awesome school that offers limited enrollment and focuses strongly on technology and arts. We feel very fortunate that Boy1’s name was drawn out of the hundreds that signed up. Every year a lottery is held to choose the new lucky kindergartners. Any younger siblings have automatic enrollment once they enter school. We couldn’t be happier!

On top of the being the most favored choice school in our area, there are no fundraisers. I repeat no fundraisers! Our kids are not forced to sell crap. No gift wrap, no magazines, no cookie dough! Instead we hold an auction. It’s a great auction. Everything is donated. I’m talking trips, NFL game tickets, huge and extravagant gift baskets. It’s a beautiful site. The auction generally pulls in over $20,000 for the school. Amazing, huh?

This year (and last year) I am donating 2 sets of handmade scarves and handwarmers. One is an adult size and another is a child’s size. The adult one is brown with specks of orange and blue and the child one is fun and colorful. The child one is adorable.

Child size handwarmers and scarf

I am hoping to sell them at some point. I really enjoy making them and the variety of colors is never ending. 

If anyone is interested, contact me and I'll hook you up! Message me on our Facebook page!

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