Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leftover melted chocolate?

We recently had a snow day so I had to quickly come up with activities for my daycare kids. You have to understand, these kids will hang me by my feet if they get bored enough.

After they played in the snow, we decided to make chocolate covered marshmallows. Each kid decorated one with their choice of sprinkles. It was great, the kiddos had a blast.

This post isn't about chocolate covered marshmallows though. I think you smarties can easily figure out how to construct a c/c marshmallow. This post is about the leftover chocolate I had.

I decided to make club crackers with peanut butter slathered in the middle. At first I thought about dunking the whole peanut butter sandwich in the chocolate, but quickly thought it might be fun and more appealing to drizzle the chocolate on top. Fun and appealing it was. They turned out pretty cute too. I made about 10-12 sandwiches and they were gone by bedtime. And no, I didn't eat them all! I'd call that success.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Club Crackers*

*M&M's have nothing to do with this concoction. They were just conveniently hanging out in my kitchen so I used them. Also, please don't be jealous of my fancy paper plate. 

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