Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm a FLY - Take 2 March Secret Subject Swap

I wanted to try something a little different, take a blog adventure and hopefully make some new blog friends. When I read about a secret subject swap at Baking in a Tornado I figured I'd give a try. 

The idea is a blogger submits a subject to "Baking in a Tornado" and in return the blogger gets a random subject submitted from another participant. I don't know who got mine, but I'm excited to find out. 

Please take a moment (after you read mine, of course) to check out the other participants: 

Welcome to Take Two of March’s Secret Subject Swap                                                                                                               

My subject: You are a fly on the wall in an 8th grade English class, what have you learned today?
It was submitted by:  

Here we go!!

I am a fly.

I'm gorgeous, I know!
I fly around all day annoying people. I fly insanely close to their faces and buzz wildly in their ears. I land on their food, eat it while taking a crap and then I fly away on a mission to ruin another picnic. This is my life. It’s a short one so I gotta take advantage. 

For a bit of a change, I flew into an English classroom at Lennon Middle School.  Why I flew through that open window, I’ll never know.  I mean, why didn’t I choose to fly into Adam Levine’s dressing room? *Wink wink*... know what I mean?

Go ahead... take a few minutes to enjoy the view


I scan the room and see sixteen 8th graders. I see girls twirling their hair and blowing bubbles with their bubble gum. I see boys strumming their fingers on their desk as they perform imaginary concerts in their heads. 

I see an exhausted and burnt-out teacher standing at the front of the room. I see no one paying attention to him. I couldn’t even tell you what he was blah, blah blahing about. I’m certain it was boring beyond belief. 

I did learn some very valuable information though. Are you ready? 

I learned Caycee babysat her 3 brothers and 1 sister last night for the 2nd time this week. Reason:  her parents went to a local casino (again).  Apparently this is the norm in their house. 

I learned Jake’s sister is pregnant. She’s 19. Their parents are still in their 30’s. Will this babies-having-babies cycle be broken with the new generation? I do hope so. 

I learned a bunch of kids were busted by the cops for drinking over the weekend. Samantha’s mom was out of town and she had a party. When the party was busted and Sam had to call her mom, she was comforted by her mother’s words. “It’s okay, honey. We’ll discuss this over ice cream when I return.” I think she deserves the Mother of the Year award, no? Because of the minor on their record, a lot of these kids are not qualified to get a driver’s license until they are 18. Who’s laughing now, kids? 

I learned a stairwell at one of the high schools is now equipped with video cameras because kids have been caught umm… how do I put this gently? Physically sharing their feelings with one another? Grooving with one another? You get it, right?

I learned… rrrrrriinnnnnnnnnngggggggg, rrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg. What the hell is that noise?? A bomb threat? 

That’s it! I’m outta here! 

I quickly flew out of the middle school window. I smelled pie in the air. Fresh baked apple pie! To the pie I flew. I entered the window of a small white cottage. Panicking "where is the pie? where is the pie?" I flew straight into a yawn. And that my friends, is why the old woman swallowed the fly.

These are actual events/conversations that have taken place at my daughter’s school. She is in 9th grade, but I figured that was close enough. 

This probably wasn’t the envision The Mommy Ref had for the post. I apologize for that. I probably would have made everyone dumber if I had posted what I really think 8th graders learn in English class. Bwahhhh!


  1. You are all that and a bag of chips. . . I mean a Fresh Baked Apple Pie. LOVED this, it's exactly what I learned in 8th grade!

  2. Sad that's what really goes on but I'm glad you are close enough with your daughter that she shares it with you. Great job with the challenge!

    I hope that old lady doesnt die!

  3. in mouth! Great job on the prompt. I had no vision....I heard similar convos at a school event...sickening....

  4. oh wow! I'm so dreading middle school now! I thought I had time before high school!!
    Yes, I'm so glad you have a great relationship with your daughter and she tells you all this!

  5. These are similar to what I learned in my 8th grade English class as well. I also learned that I can't hide eating a granola bar while sitting in the front row. It was a really tough class.

    1. Haha! Front row is never fun unless you are at concert.

  6. Hey all... thanks for stopping by! Yes, DD and I have a very close relationship. She shares a lot with me. I'm very thankful for that.


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