Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Welcome to the Caramel Living blog.  We are excited to begin this new venture together. We are childhood best friends with a mission to create the perfect life for ourselves.  Each of us has taken different paths in life but both have a goal of being happy, healthy and fulfilled.  We are both wives and mothers.  We share some hobbies and also have our own unique interests.  We are both pretty awesome.  We created Caramel in order to have a creative outlet in our lives and have many ideas and dreams of what it could become for us.  We hope you have fun following us on our mission and are working on making your own life happy, healthy and fulfilled.  

Expect to see our personal insights on various topics such as dieting, cooking, crafting, parenting and marriage.  We hope to post pictures of things we are busy creating and maybe someday will sell.  Caramel Living is all about experimenting to discover your talents and passions and pursuing them.  It’s also about having fun in life.  Because, really, we only have one life…we need to enjoy it!!!

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