Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cruel Summer

The end of summer 'tis here, my friends.  Whether it is marked by the first day of school for your kids, for yourself, or by the cooling temps, it is coming.  Some of you may have already experienced it and I send my condolences (or congratulations depending on your situation).  As a kid, summer seemed so long and easy.  My biggest worry was whether I could go to the pool or not.  I actually did look forward to school starting so I could see my friends and have fun.  Yes, school was fun for me.  I was a nerd.

Summers get more complicated as you age.  Most adults don't get a break from their regular jobs but strive to fit in as many fun things in the limited warm, summer weekends (we have a short summer here in the Midwest where Mel and I live).  When you become a parent, your goal becomes providing enriching, fun experiences for your kids and making memories.  I am a mom of two girls - Drama, age 6, and Moody, age 3 1/2 (and no, those are not their real names).   I am my own boss so that means I work as much as I want/need.  Unfortunately the need usually outweighs the want.  I wish I could just take the whole summer off but that is not how my business works.

This summer, the girls have gone to daycare 4 days a week so we have at least 1 "mom" day or an extra day we can easily take off for a long weekend.  Drama is going into first grade so she now has a "summer break."  She's a nerd like her momma so the thought of no school for three months really didn't jazz her.  She went to a summer program which kept her physically active but I know she's excited to go back to school.

We are facing the last week of summer now and I am pondering how we are going to spend it.  Both girls will be home with me.  I am hoping to have some good summer (and ideally cheap) fun with them.  The State Fair is on our list for sure since Studmuffin (my husband) has to work a booth one evening.  What else should we make sure we do to complete our summer?  What events or activities are on your "must do" summer lists?  

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  1. Today we did the zoo - and the girls were most excited by the food and little carnival. As I was in awe of the 3 beautiful giraffes in front of me, they begged to go over by the giraffe statues with the sign that says "no climbing" yet you see every kid climb on it (not my kids though since I'm an enforcer). Sigh. Kids are hard to impress these days.


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