Monday, July 8, 2013

Oven Roasted Rosemary Chicken

Husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary awhile back. It was on a Tuesday. Tuesdays aren't great for "date night". We had plans to go out on Saturday evening so it wasn't a huge deal to stick to our normal routine on our actual anniversary. On a normal Tuesday evening I would be headed to my kickboxing class and Husband would be hanging with the kids. This was the plan all day until about 3:00pm.

At 3:00pm, I thought "nope, I'm skipping class and making a nice meal for the fam". Because of the kickboxing class, I have missed out on many family dinners. I love having dinner with my family. Everyone sits at the table and complete chaos erupts... but I still love it. So I put my foot down and decided to play hooky.

Now it's 3:00pm and I want to prepare a special dinner for everyone. I run a daycare so I don't have a lot of time to spend prepping a meal. Oven Roasted Rosemary Chicken would be perfect!

What you'll need:

Chicken (breasts, legs, thighs, etc.)
Veggies (potatoes, green onions, carrots, etc)
rosemary (fresh or dried)
salt and pepper
Olive oil

I had chicken legs (Husband's favorite) and chicken breasts in the freezer. I thawed them in water for about 45 minutes. While they thawed I cut up potatoes and onions.

I prepared a baking pan with olive oil and preheated oven to 375. You don't want to cook the chicken too fast, it will dry out.

In the baking pan, I added legs to one side and the breasts to the other side. In the middle, I added the veggies. Then I sprinkled on dried rosemary and salt (I used sea salt) & pepper.

I covered it with foil and placed it in the oven at 4:00pm. At 6:00pm, I removed the foil and added about 2/3 cup of water. The chicken is done when it reaches 165 degrees.

This meal doesn't require a lot of maintenance and it is delicious! That's a win win, my friends.

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